Artists Statement

A member of the Zoom Arts 1066 , Suzanne Kelly moved to the area after being taken by its strong arts community and the wealth of inspiring land and seascapes.

Ms Kelly, originally from New York, has a BA in Fine Art from New York Institute of Technology, and a Master of Fine Art Painting from Edinburgh College of Art.   She works in a wide range of media including acrylic, mixed media, textile and photography.

She said: “So many things I’m interested in such as fossils, history, folklore, art, music and nature can be found here in such abundance; it’s really having a positive impact on my art practice, and how I feel.”

Her work incorporates ancient symbols such as those found on Celtic coins, and the ruins of the castle appear in paintings too. 

The Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet, with the head of a lioness and body of a woman, has long fascinated Ms Kelly, who has an ongoing series of self portrait photos with statues of the Goddess, has created a new body of work around this theme.

She has taken elements from Hastings and the festival and used them in her brightly coloured abstracted landscapes and seascapes. 

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